To ring in the new year and celebrate their rebrand, ON The Market wanted to create promotional materials that employees could use around the office. We designed a desk calendar that not only showcased the new brand look and feel but also included helpful reminders for homeowners on maintaining their properties. 
On The Market, currently undergoing a major rebrand, wanted to send out calendars in their new style ready for 2022. Using the guidelines created, I developed and designed a calendar that included pages for monthly views as well as a related image.
To create the calendar I followed a tutorial for a standard calendar layout, which I then updated and edited to match the brand guidelines for the company. Using Getty Images and visuals from the website, I incorporated the OTM pin on image pages to highlight the brand further.
On The Market experienced a tough time during the pandemic and wanted to start the new year with a bang, from a new brand styling to marketing assets that ranged across digital and physical. The desk calendar was a marketing asset that could be placed on desks in offices and sent out to clients too. They had one created back in 2019 which was in the old styling and dates.
Showcasing the new brand, On The Market’s desk calendar can be seen and interacted with, pushing the brand into a new outcome. A square desk calendar in OTM’s new brand which was printed and distributed to all On The Market offices ready for the year ahead.
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