Alisha Lyndon, CEO, sought a captivating cover for her upcoming book that would embody the impactful nature of Account-Based Marketing. The design needed to not only reflect the essence of ABM but also align seamlessly with her brand and the company she represents. 
The printed book was complemented by an unboxing experience that included a personal note from the author, a bookmark with a quote, all wrapped in teal tissue paper to match the book's color.
The bookmarks featured quotes from recipients of advanced copies and were subsequently distributed during our pre-launch phase, where 400 individuals received personalized copies sent directly by the author.
Subtle hints of teal are visible on the hardback, with the teal case underneath the jacket peeking through.
In addition to the book, I created a series of promotional materials that could be utilized on social media and shared with individuals who were featured in the book.
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